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About Us

Our Mission: To provide Freedom, Sanctuary, & Vitality to clients through value housing and investment opportunities around Rowan University

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Young Realty rents, buys, sells, & manages properties in South Jersey. Not only do we rent to many students and work with tons of investors, but we are known for helping many families move and couples find their first home. We are centrally located next to the thriving Rowan University in Glassboro, a flourishing and ever growing suburban town located within 2 hours of 4 major cities: Philadelphia, Atlantic City, New York City, Washington D.C.

We provide an inviting destination for clients to buy, sell, rent or invest in the property they want while having our team by their side every step of the way. For our staff, it is a place where they can grow their careers and work together as a cohesive productive team. We are committed to delivering value to our customers & clients, investing time & effort into our agents, dealing fairly with our vendors, and supporting our community of Glassboro and Gloucester County.

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Our brokerage has always been family owned and managed. David and Anne Young opened up the office almost 50 years ago, operating as a franchise in a small town. Since then, the area has gone through many changes as Rowan has grown and affected the local businesses and community. Fast forward to 2023, we are no longer a part of a franchise and have rebranded as an independent real estate brokerage operating under our new name: Young Realty. This will allow us more flexibility and uniqueness in the industry and the way we operate, including a focus on our property and project management services. Recently, we have increased our marketing efforts, social media presence and event sponsorship and look forward to expanding our horizons and impact more and more every year.