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Instructions on how to rent

1.) Determine who you want to live with, where you want to live, and how much you can afford for rent per month.

2.) Make sure you and/or your group's AVERAGE Credit SCORE is at least 650 or higher, including Cosigners and even with rental assistance or housing vouchers. (If you do NOT have any Credit, than you need to get a Cosigner)

3.) Search for houses or apartments here or at Young.Rentals and select a few rental properties that are available & within your price range.

4.) Contact us to schedule an appointment to see some rental properties with a realtor.

5.) Go to the showing and tour rental properties with your realtor.

6.) Receive and fill out the application. Fill out and sign the one sent to via email, if applicable, your cosigner fills out and signs the other sent separately.

7.) Discuss desired properties with your group and withing your budget.

8.) Pick a few desired properties that you want and ask your realtor to make offers on them.

9.) If denied, choose your second or third pick or look at more rental properties with your realtor. If accepted, receive and review the lease with your group.

10.) SIGN the LEASE online and gather funds for security deposit and rent.

11.) Sign up for from the invite sent to you and PAY your SECURITY DEPOSIT.

12.) When the time comes, PAY your 1st month RENT, set up renter's INSURANCE, transfer UTILITIES, and email CONFIRMATIONS to your realtor.

13.) Make an appointment for your rental WALK THROUGH with your realtor.

14.) Do walk-through of your rental property and receive the KEYS.

15.) Move-in and ENJOY!


  • Most of our rentals are not available for MOVE-IN until the beginning of June or August.
  • If you have BAD CREDIT (under 650), please go to Credit Karma's Credit Builder or try Experian Boost
  • You and/or your group must have GOOD CREDIT (avg. 650 or higher) to rent a property with us.
  • You and/or your group's TOTAL NET INCOME per week must be equal to or greater than the monthly rent.
  • You CAN always pay RENT with Financial Aid, Fafsa Loans, Section 8, SSI, Covid money, or any other vouchers, but it has to cover rent price per month (click here for more info).
  • SECURITY DEPOSIT is always due upon signing and must be paid from a bank account only and not a credit card nor venmo/paypal or cash.
  • PETS are not allowed.
  • Freshmen and Sophomores CAN live OFF campus IF they:  (click here for more info)
  • live within a 40-mile radius of Rowan University OR
  • take more than 50% of classes online OR
  • are 21 years old or older OR
  • are married OR
  • a few other new exemptions
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